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6 Tips: How To Have Best Counseling Services Before Marriage6 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes Premarital financial counseling can help you and your spouse get on the same page with money matters. Through counseling, you will get to learn about your potential spouse’s spending habits, and talk about your own habits.

July 20, 2020 5 min read
Marriage Counseling

6 Tips: How To Have Best Counseling Services Before Marriage6 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes

This #TableTalkThursday event was held on the 2nd of July 2020

We asked our Instagram community if they think getting some financial counseling before marriage should be essential and whether they had done it themselves. We also asked them about their experience. Money problems is one of the leading causes of divorce and most of the time, monetarily speaking, couples don’t know what to expect in marriage.

In most cases, important money questions like whether your significant other is a spender or a saver, how are their spending habits, who pays the bill, and who saves up, or how do you split it, these remain unanswered before you say “I do”. Over time, resentment and bickering over financial issues can completely damage marital bliss.


Premarital financial counseling can help you and your spouse come on the same page with money matters. Through counseling, you will get to learn about your potential spouse’s spending habits, and discuss your point of view as well. And if there’s something that you’d rather not do or have it another way, you can sit down and have it sorted out. Marriage is all about building a partnership. This could be your first step down the aisle.

So does it work? Let’s hear it from our community!

Counseling Your Money Habits

“We had pre-marital counselling before we got married and the topic of finances was one that we also discussed. I believe financial counselling is a must because you have two people coming together with two different spending habits, budgeting habits, saving habits, money mindsets, etc. Talking about finances before marriage is a good way to get a couple thinking about, and discussing how they’ll handle their finances once they get married. It can help avoid a lot of unnecessary disagreements once married.”


Finance is just as important as any other aspect of the new life that you are going to begin with your loved one. Financial counseling involves questionnaires about your budgeting habit and goals, communication style, and conflict resolution skills, it helps both understand each other’s traits well before they say their vow. With the help of a counselor, couples can set realistic financial goals as well as discuss what their role will be in the marriage.

Counseling To Promote Hard Topics For Discussion

“Money is such an integral part of marriage and making a life together. Personally, we didn’t do financial counseling prior to marriage but we pooled our finances early on and talked about money. I think having financial counseling before marriage could be a great step to take to open up a hard conversation. It can get a couple talking and help them get on the same page and openly address problem areas with outside help and perspective!”


In marriage, couples often face a difficult time to agree on a financial plan for their family. As we promise to stay together, for better or for worse and till death do us part, we completely overlook the threat that financial issues might pose. That is why financial counseling before marriage is essential to address the elephant in the room.

Premarital Counseling

Counseling Speech Topics on Money, Kids, and Religion

“I think it’s a great idea!! We didn’t have any formal counseling but when we met with our priest before our wedding he asked us questions about finance, kids, religion to make sure we were having the important conversations.”


The benefits of addressing these important questions about sensitive issues before marriage are endless. Couples will talk about everything from what color of curtains to get and where their pets will sleep. But more often than not the most important conversations were left unspoken. You don’t necessarily have to consult a formal financial counselor as long as you are communicating and addressing potential issues. Historically historically, pre-marital counseling was done in religious institutions as a way of blessing the new couple.

Counseling To Reveal Surprising Facts

“I think financial counseling is very important for marriage. Finances was a section in the premarital counseling my husband and I did and it was eye-opening!”


Couples who go through financial counseling often find it beneficial and are likely to have a satisfied married life. As they take up counseling they address sensitive issues that might arise in the future and plan for ways to resolve them. As they enter their married life, prepared, they are more likely to accomplish individual goals and set new milestones as a family. 

Counsel The Best Financial Practices

“Yes, financial counseling should be a prerequisite before marriage. Money is a leading cause of arguments and divorce these days. Should we have a joint account or separate?  Who is responsible for what? Who the spender or saver? Who will handle investments vs day to day expenses? While it’s possible to have these conversations by yourself, sometimes a respected or trusted nonbiased third party makes having the conversation easier”


Before the wedding, couples have separately managed accounts and individual expenses that only they are responsible for. However, the scenario is different after the wedding. What changes are you going to make, and how? Are you going to keep your separately managed accounts or combine them? What are your financial goals and priorities, in the short term versus long term? Financial counselors help you get down to the real talk and reach fruitful solutions.

The Best Foundation For Money Conversations

“Money fights and money problems are the leading cause of divorce. Just like anything you need a strong foundation. Having a strong foundation regarding money is vital.

Premarital financial coaching allows each partner to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their money personality which in turn gives them a roadmap on how to navigate issues that may arise, rather than bury them.

Odds are they never had a conversation about money before. Having a third party there to facilitate and guide them as they delve into this topic for probably the first time sets them up for success”


Marriage needs work, and it has to begin even before you walk down the aisle. Money is now one of the major reasons why couples grow apart and end up being separated or divorced. While you may feel now that it wouldn’t get to you, why take the risk when the simple task of counseling before marriage can change the scenario for the better.

Marriage is all about a strong partnership, and it has to be built on a solid foundation. Having an experienced third party can help you navigate better and address the core issues you might have missed otherwise. They can also help you understand your way around setting both short term and long term financial goals.

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