Exciting Relationships. How Do You Keep The Love Around?6 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes With time, the spark in every relationship begins to dwindle and you’re left feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. Here’s how to spice things up in your relationship and ensure it stays exciting forever.

September 16, 2020 5 min read
Keep The Relationship Exciting Forever

Exciting Relationships. How Do You Keep The Love Around?6 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes

It’s been eight years since the exciting day your high school sweetheart had asked you out, and the two of you have been together since. Long lost are the days of butterflies in the stomach and electrifying sparks only to be replaced by errands and your much-loved Weekend takeaways.

With time, you grow more habituated with each other rather than be more in love. Not spending enough quality time together and dropping your relationship in the priority list leaves both you and your partner feeling unappreciated, unfulfilled, and even unhappy. Turn up the spark-o-meter with these 5 ways of keeping your relationship exciting forever:

Why We Recommend These Books

How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting: 85 Tips to Keep the Romance in Your Life! By Kate Anderson

How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting is the ultimate guide to help you spice up your relationship. Anderson understands that all relationships go a bit flat from time to time which is why she came up with the book that will equip you with useful skills you can use to build a healthy, positive and satisfying relationship with your partner. The book covers a wide range of topics that includes communication, romantic gestures, fantasies, the 30 second kiss rule and a whole lot more.

The Happy Relationship Book: 101 Tips to Help You Stay Together Forever by Gill Crowley

Falling in love is easy— it’s the staying in love part that’s difficult. Crowley believes that every good relationship requires constant maintenance. She provides you with tips and techniques to help you keep your relationship healthy and happy forever. They include subjects such as everyday life, special occasions, romance, intimacy, and home life with some special tips for men and some for women.

1. Learn to Spend Time on Your Own

Boy and Girl in Love

Remember that blissful time when you first started dating and were almost inseparable from your partner? It’s natural to want to spend every waking moment of your life together during the honeymoon phase.

However, what isn’t healthy is to want to cling to each other after that phase is long past. Contrary to popular belief, wanting to spend some time with yourself is perfectly normal and absolutely necessary to make the bond with your partner stronger.

Time spent away from your partner will make you value them all that more so when you do reunite, be that after 24 hours or 24 days, the expected reunion will make you giddy with excitement.

2. Learn Each Other’s Love Language

Love Language

You maybe hopelessly in love with your partner after all these years, but if you don’t know how to speak their love language, that may all be lost in translation. You are probably expending a lot of effort to make your partner happy only for them to complain that you don’t pay them any attention anymore.

If you ever feel like you’re speaking different languages, maybe you are! There are five main love languages and the basic principle is that we each use one of them. This determines how we give love and how we want to receive it. It can get quite frustrating when partners have different love languages as they both fail to acknowledge the other’s show of affection.

Discovering your partner’s primary love language means you’ll be better able to keep their emotional love tank full. And a full love tank definitely means more fuel to keep the relationship engine running and keeping it exciting forever.

3. Be Willing to Learn New Things

Learn Something New

It’s very easy to fall into a routine when you’ve been together for a long time. Although reciting each other’s favorite takeaway order is definitely adorable, it can also be a sign that your relationship is growing complacent and, well, boring. Be open to trying new things.

Turn it into game- make small notes of things you two have always wanted to do. Then, at the beginning of each week, take your pick and just go have fun. You could even choose something at random for an element of surprise. Trying something new every so often will keep things fresh and exciting, and make you discover new things about your partner every day.

Remember how you were completely smitten with every new detail you learned about your partner when you first started dating? By trying new things together, say hello to a never ending honeymoon phase!  

4. Learn to Kiss Again

After reading this heading you may be thinking, ‘pshh why do I need to learn to kiss off all things after all these years?’ Before you dismiss this point completely, think about the times back in high school when making out behind the bleachers was the thing to do. It was ridiculously exciting to kiss your partner because it was the only thing you could do.

Over the years, you may have moved on to bigger and better things (wink!) but kissing is still one of the most intimate acts of love. Don’t just kiss as a way to say hello and goodbye, or to initiate sex. Kiss deeply and passionately and without any reason at all.

Kiss without any expectation or because you have to- do it for the act itself. Learn to spontaneously steal a kiss again— under a streetlight, in the middle of a conversation or just to randomly remind them that you love them.

5. Learn to Laugh Together

How often have you see an old couple laughing together and thought to yourself ‘goals!’ One of the secrets of keeping a relation exciting forever is to be able to laugh with each other.

You will be surprised how many couples don’t know how to joke together. Life is too short to be taken seriously all the time. See the humor in your disagreements, and joke about your relationship.

Do stuff that make you laugh— bring up fond memories, build inside jokes, giggle like little kids. Learning to laugh together, whether it be at something or yourselves, is a way to grow your bond deeper and keep your relationship exciting forever.

Bottom Line

No relationship naturally retains the ‘spark’ after a certain time. Even in the healthiest relationship, romance begins to fizzle out if you’re not working on it. Like everything else that grows, a good relationship requires constant attention and nurturing to keep it healthy and exciting. Learn to love and appreciate your partner anew every day and watch your relationship stay exciting forever.