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How To Automatically Save Money Every Month6 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you ever got tired of pushing yourself to spend less on unnecessary things every month? We’re here with a way to save money automatically because you cannot just stop pulling your wallet and drown yourself into debt.

August 31, 2020 5 min read
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How To Automatically Save Money Every Month6 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In this competitive era of 2020, you will find yourself struggling to save money even after promising yourself uncountable times. Hence, I have listed out a few influential segments to help you out saving money automatically every month.

Track Your Expenses

Track Expenses

The smallest purchases can add up to a huge list of expenditures at the end of the month. That can bring nothing other than severe remorse as a hard-working person. Hence, tracking your daily expenses can be the ultimate route to successful budgeting. Once you are aware of where you spent, you will be able to make keener choices to cut back a lot of expenses on your own. So, track, budget, and then spend!

Swipe Left On Your Credit Card

If you are a person who loves swiping credit cards for purchasing anything at the store, then you might feel very extremely confined in the very first few days. However, after you get habituated using a certain amount of cash while going out, it can incredibly affect your purchasing style. Moreover, with cash exchange, you can figuratively see how much of your money is diminishing with every purchase. So, put aside and lock your credit cards. Stick to cash payment for your purchases and you will end up budgeting right.

Find Areas to Spend Less in Household Chores

Save On Chores

There are several ways to reduce the common expenses you make from waking up in the morning to going for bed. Here I have listed a few typical points that you might agree on with me:

  • Use electrical appliances less
  • Turning off the lights and fan right after you leave the room
  • Buying energy-efficient washers
  • Keep your windows open or sit on the patios rather than turning on the A/Cs during summer.
  • Using less detergent to wash off your clothes
  • Wash your cars rather than sending it to car cleaning garages
  • Use calling over online rather than network or phone calls
  • Cancel your unnecessary subscriptions

You will find more of such ways to save your extra expenses when you seriously look into this matter.

Make Your Meal Plans with Minimal Pricing

Here are a few unreal but most effective activities you can easily adapt to save money from your daily routine. And most importantly these are like participating in an adventurous game. Such as;

Pretend as If You Ran Out of Bucks for a Month

If you do not put a halt to your lavish expenditure, then it would be extremely hard on you to set aside and save your cash. In the first place, try to hold yourself strong and stay determined that you won’t spend more than a specific sum within a month. The best trick is to pretend you are broke but concentrate on how you spend on the things that are extremely important to your living. J. Money, the personal finance expert behind the blog Budgets Are Sexy, recommends, “Only spend money on bills and (true) necessities for 30 days in order to catch all your daily habits (and save money in the process!)”.

Don’t Get Out Often Unless It’s Important

Spend Less

The more you go out with friends or family, the more you spend. When you get out of the home frequently, you will notice that it gets harder to save money.  So, try to go out less and save that dollar, because, expense counts at the end of the day.

Make Your Savings A Bit Creative

Once you have made up your mind for saving, you can look for other ways to save money. You can easily cut out expenses by taking a ride on public transport instead of using online ride services. It might sound weird but you can also go to three different stores for your grocery shopping and come back home saving $10 or more. Interesting, right?

Save Money Creatively

Even if your friends are planning for a hangout in an aristocratic restaurant then insist them to come over and host a minimal brunch at home. That’s how you can be creative and save money from your day-to-day activities and turn it into huge cash either to pay off your debt or go out on a ravishing trip once a year.

To know more pragmatic ways to save your money, you can check out these two following books:

Why These Books?

Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

You will find this book to be very innovative where Suze Orman, one of the nation’s go-to-expert ladies on all financial things, has sketched out the most skeptical points on how women have a dysfunctional and complicated relationship and the actions you need to save money. This book portrays many real-life examples to understand the financial sector in depth. Suze Orman believes that woman should have their own account to save for their needs and security.

Hence, with her signature mix of concern, vision, and soul-deep gratitude, she lets women equip the emotional awareness and financial knowledge to overcome the hindrances that keep people away from making more out while you save money you earn. Suze Orman described part that is far superior to money.

The book emphasizes who are you as a woman, what do you deserve, and why it all begins with the decision to save yourself. You can find this book helpful with its five-month program that will deliver a knowledge of genuine long-term financial security and provide a way to save money with confidence!

Not for Millionaires: 365 Days of Saving Money for Thousandaires (Page-a-Day Perpetual Calendar)

“Not for Millionaires: 365 Days of Saving Money for Thousandaires” is not just a book rather it raises awareness about your spending behaviors. Along with reminding you about your expenses, it helps you to make the proper economic choices to get rid of debt, reduce your needs, and puts you to this staggering conclusion that you have enough. This book brings you 52 weekly segments that cover around 27 topics on how and where we spend and the need to save money.

You will almost find everything in this book; starting from planning to budgeting to identifying threats, and many more. You will learn effectively to save money and eradicate waste through 365 days of ideas, tactics, resources, math examples, and a lot more than just how to save money.

Bottom Line

Plan ahead, for that extra money you want to have in your pocket at the end of every month. Don’t spend aimlessly. As I mentioned earlier; plan, budget, and decide where to spend. Saving money is a great quality but mastering yourself in saving is a great challenge.