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4 Case Studies On Financial Strengths and Weaknesses8 min read

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have a stable earning but can't keep control of your finances? Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to manage them.

August 20, 2020 6 min read
Financial Strengths Weaknesses

4 Case Studies On Financial Strengths and Weaknesses8 min read

Reading Time: 6 minutes

This #TableTalkThursday event was held on the 23rd of July, 2020

We asked our community what financial strengths and weaknesses they had and how they feel about it. Many people agreed to the fact that they either felt guilty about spending their money or could not hold on to their calculated budget. This can cause problems in having clear future goals.

Members who had a reliable partner felt more strengths with handling their budget in contrast to those who do not have a financially knowledgeable partner. A supportive spouse can indeed back you up as they acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Strengths But Relationship Weaknesses

“I think my strength is that I know a little more about what is going on the financial world than my wife cares to read about. My weakness is I care too much about it sometimes I need to focus A little more on us. Working on it”


“@whatthefiguy that is so common with the husband/wife dynamic… why do you think she isn’t interested much in the financial world?”


@whatthefiguy the reason my wife isn’t as motivated in finance is because she is well read & amazing with fitness and mindset motivation. That’s her passion and partly why finance might take a backseat sometimes with her interest”


“@whatthefiguy that makes sense! We all have our strengths and use them differently, do you find that that part in your wife that is great at mindset and motivation helps you in your strength?’


“@finlitdating Absolutely yes”

Money is a disturbing topic among couples. Many partners who have strengths in in finances feel disappointed when they see their partners not having enough financial knowledge. It is true that reading about what is going on with the world does not provide that much of information if you do not know your finances. Yet couples feel more at ease when teaching their partners about finances more often than answering awkward “what are we” questions.

Money Talk

The reason behind spouses not having enough interest about money matters is because they haven’t felt it is a necessity. They may know enough about how credit cards work but chances are they will be weak in creating a budget or risk management. People who aren’t an expert in financial literacy, although well read, tend to be working on areas that aren’t closely involved in money management.

Having a partner who’s strengths are in motivating others means that they will be able to keep you in check even when you are not. There may be times when making a right decision does not mean making a financially smart one. Having a rational partner can help discern certain factors. Then again, if you have planned your budget strictly, a motivating spouse allows you to carry out your plans more confidently and comfortably.

Strengths In Frugality Could Come With A “Money Guilt” Weakness

“I struggle with money guilt when I spend!! I am very frugal but I am working on trying to be more okay with spending money!”

“@themoneyminimalists I feel this exact same way. Can I ask if you came from “humble” beginnings? I grew up poor (financially) and now always feel guilt with spending.”


“@themoneyminimalists So many people have lived with the idea that they should just never spend any money that it creates massive guilt.  This is such a big perk of budgeting and having a partner who will encourage you to spend a little money when appropriate.”


“@themoneyminimalists, thanks for sharing this. This was a big struggle for me when I started my money journey, I went from one extreme to the other (I have been told I have no middle ground). Linking my money to my goals really helped me overcome this. I realised that it was okay to spend, as long as it aligned with my goals and values. It provided that middle ground for me. I don’t mindlessly spend money on shoes I don’t need any more but I am glad to save monthly daughters’ college fund.”


When spending money, many people seem to respond with guilt. They will show remorse after spending some money on a pair of shoes they didn’t need or will think twice before planning a getaway even though their budget allows them.

Money Guilt

One of the reasons behind being regretful with spending your hard-earned money is because you didn’t receive the treats as an adolescent that you can afford to get now. This is the reason why many households do not feel the need to buy their family members a second present whereas they weren’t gifted any presents as a child. Your fears when handling finances often gets in the way of the strengths that make you happy.

Feeling guilty on spending has both strengths and weaknesses. Although handling finances without excusing yourself even a bit of cash can deprive you of luxuries that could make your living easier, the perks are many. The amount of your investments can double or in fact triple bringing surplus income in the future. Living with a less guilty partner will bring a mental shift in how you view your spending. They allow you to not totally spend like you are living on a paycheck and they will remind you about your extra allowance from your budget.

There are in fact, those kinds of people who on one hand have buyer’s remorse and on the other hand are extravagant spendthrifts. This is generally a great financial strength. You limit yourself from buying the higher range of products but you get to keep something large from all of these tiny cuts. You get to save a lot for future goals such as college money or a piece of land. You however have to be responsible in your money so that you do waste your savings on your trip to Vegas.

Strengths In Numbers But A Weakness In Awareness

“My strengths are being able to plan and project numbers efficiently my weakness is being distracted by my wants which change constantly and sticking to the plan”

Financial Strengths

People who have strengths in budgets and numbers are able to identify their future goals clearly. They get to separate their required expenses from their entertaining expenses and thus can create a lot more areas where they are likely to invest. One problem that may get in the way is your inability to stay within your entertainment expenses. This can vary from having dinner at an expensive restaurant to buying the latest upgraded console. This creates a negative alignment and can mess up your entire plan of the year. Being alert about your numbers and sticking to your calculations is necessary.

Strengths In Passion But A Weakness On Differences

“Hi, how do you teach a spouse how to handle money better? I feel like my spouse relies on me to handle it just because I am good with it and disregards their own need to understand it as well!”


“@thedollarduo Start slow by focusing on something she likes and build from there. For example, if she likes to travel, plan your next trip together et determine how much money you need to save to pay for it. Start from scratch meaning that your travel fund should start at $0 so you can go over each step together.



Financial geeks and responsible spouses often feel the need to educate their spouses on their spending. They consider their partner’s indifference towards handling money as a weakness of their own. This can be due to previous miscalculations, or spending over the required budget. When confronted, some partners lack the energy to go over the “money talk”. Twenty minutes a week of going over simple budgets can do the trick. To make their partner more excited, people can ask their partners in lending them a hand when planning a trip. They can go over prices together and add each service or expense straight from scratch. This can create at least a modified interest.

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