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We have begun to land readers like you here to donate to FinLit Dating’s Financial Awareness Matters (FAM) campaign. We are reaching thousands of people who share your company’s view to bring to attention the importance of financial literacy in relationships.

Today, over 375,000 divorces happen every year because of escalated financial disagreements. While it is easy to give up on relationships, FinLit Dating gives a lifeline to many who are on their way to financial independence. Our organization represents community-founded learning.

FinLit Dating brings together financial discussions to support individuals with their personal milestones and professional achievements. We have proudly done this on a weekly basis for over a year in our special forum called Table Talk Thursday. We have devoted this company to support others, teach with a higher standard, deliver information, and uphold a community with our work which we perform. Our social media broadcasts rippling effects every week in the overall financial community and upholds strong bridges to education because of our organization’s efforts.

By donating to our company, your involvement lights the torch for many more people to begin their journey and achieve financial independence with us. We pleasantly invite you to sponsor our mission to watch the benefits of our hard work make a difference in the path to a knowledgeable and connected society.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding our mission or the work that we do.

Thank you and make it a great day,
Phil Engel
CEO, FinLit Dating Inc.