7 Ways A Thoughtful Partner Will Show Their Love To You5 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is no guarantee that you will be with your soul mate. Consistent efforts and understanding towards your partner can bring the best out of your relationship and make you forget the myth of soul mates!

September 23, 2020 4 min read
Thoughtful Partners

7 Ways A Thoughtful Partner Will Show Their Love To You5 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Everybody demands to feel special to their romantic partners and the top way is to make your partner feel how important they are to you. People are not mind readers and no one to put the effort to read a book that doesn’t open. Courting your partner is easy with pure thoughtfulness.

While satisfying your partner must not be the only target, the courtship in which both of you put in steady work tend to have a deeper feeling of contentment.

Why We Recommend These Books

How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting: 85 Tips to Keep the Romance in Your Life! Kate Anderson (Author), Pam Rossi (Narrator), Kate Anderson Publishing (Publisher)

It’s no big surprise that all relationships go through ups and downs. When we spend the majority of our time with another person, things can get tense or go a bit flat from time to time. We might find ourselves engaging in unproductive arguments more often than we would like. We may have a hard time balancing our own personal needs or understanding the needs of our partner. We might not know how to overcome a source of discontentment in our relationship.

How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul: 21 Secrets for Women by Jason Evert; Crystalina Evert

We are all consciously or subconsciously looking for our soul mates. This digital era makes it hard to be true with someone without losing yourself. In the age of catfishing and fake personas, here are 21 special tips for women to not fall in the fallacy of losing their true selves while finding partners rather excelling through the process!

Are You a Thoughtful Spouse?

Key to be in any successful and happy relationship is the ease to communicate with the partner. One sided communication is definitely not the way rather being both parties being able to voice their inner selves is the preferred state. A thoughtful partner does not wait for an issue to arise to do something, like an expert businessman, he/she anticipates the changes and make the effort without being asked. Little things such as complimenting on a dress before your partner says “How do I look?” make all the difference.

Let us break them into seven parts on how we can be more thoughtful, considerate and accommodating towards our partners.

1. Teamwork: Become the dynamic duo!

Life is essentially a rat race and you are in this together! Don’t make decisions without consulting your partner first, be it individual or mutual. You should think about working toward goals that turn both of you into the best possible persons in the long run.

2. Tolerance: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As you move forward in your relationship, you will find that in a few ways you guys are fundamentally different. Maybe your partner likes to organize everything while you’re cluttered; maybe you’re really extraverted while they are more on the not on the social side. Don’t force your partner to change to your needs and you have to learn to accept and appreciate your differences if you want to truly respect your partner.

3. Self-Respect: “I think, therefore I am”

Respecting yourself builds the foundation for a good relationship and life in general. Treat your body with care, avoid any behavior that makes you lose respect for yourself, such as abusing alcohol or being rude to strangers, and work on being the best possible version of yourself. If you don’t have that baseline, then it can be difficult for you to respect your partner, and you may fall prey to people who don’t respect you.

4. Practice Empathy: “Walk a mile in my shoes”

Another way to be considerate and to show real respect to your partner is to think about where they are coming from whenever you have an argument, or just when you’re making a decision. For example, if you know her father is in the hospital, you should think about what she’s going through before starting a fight about doing the dishes. If your ex-boyfriend is in town and your current boyfriend is less than pleased that you want to meet him for a drink, think about how you’d feel if he wanted to meet up with an ex.

5. Boundaries: No Man’s land!

Everyone has their own boundaries, and if you want to truly respect your partner, then you have to know what theirs are and be willing to respect them. Maybe your partner is really private and hates it when you look through old photos of him or talk about his past in front of others; maybe she really doesn’t like it when you tease her about how she was overweight as a child. Whatever those boundaries are, you have to recognize them and be caring and respectful enough to respect them.

6. Vantage point: Don’t Wait Till You Implode!

If you really respect your partner, then you shouldn’t let your feelings fester until all you can do is start yelling at them. If something is really bothering you, then you should give your partner the basic respect of wanting to sit down and have a serious conversation about it. Don’t just wait for your partner to guess what’s bothering you or bring it up when you’re out in public or just can’t take it anymore; that’s not very respectful toward your partner or your relationship..

7. Gratitude: Say Thank You!

Sometimes we may think that the gratitude we feel is implied or understood by our partners. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, which is why actually saying “thank you” to your partner is important—even when you think they already know how much you appreciate what they do.

In order to respect your partner, you have to let them know when they are doing things right. You can’t spend all of your time nagging them or being negative about all of the problems you see or you won’t be able to be happy together; whether your partner cheered you up when you were having a rough day, cooks amazing meals for you, or is always kind and attentive, take the time to truly let your partner know how much they mean to you.

Bottom Line

Being thoughtful sounds easy but it is difficult for every aspect in our lives. Learn to think from your partner’s perspective and don’t forget yourself along the process. Love will find you, but don’t lose yourself!