About FinLit Dating

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FinLit Dating Inc. is a Financial Literacy company focused on helping people talk about their finances in relationships and proactively plan their future both independently, and with their significant other by learning on a community-based platform. FinLit Dating is not another Online Dating portal or Dating App, nor is it an add-on service to existing dating sites. It is defined as an eLearning Financial Literacy Company with a very narrow focus on the impact of finances and financial education in the areas of communication.

In 2019, we launched with a mission to put finances in the forefront of relationships. We believe the key to developing healthier financial relationships is through communication: openly discussing ideas, questions, goals, and fears whether it be with friends, family or significant others.

FinLit Dating really began as a dating app with the idea to partner people together who share similar financial interests. Since then, we have evolved to reach varying communities with broader ambitions. 

Today, the company is a forum that brings together young professionals, coaches, and couples who share their experiences together. Our discussion topics include goal setting, debt reduction, communication, motivation, investing, and much more.

Phil Engel is a graduated Mechanical Engineer that functions as an IT technician. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, information technology, and global current events and investing. His heart lies in relationship and financial related topics, on any given day he is known to engage in a conversation about the topic. He loves digging deeper into the “why” and the “how” of topics, which is exactly what sparked his Table Talk Thursday discussions on his Instagram and blogging platforms.

Phil has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small companies as a blue-collar worker and is now the proud CEO of FinLit Dating. With divorce rates being so high and money matters being one of the largest reported problems, Phil saw an opportunity to solve a global problem and started FinLit Dating Inc., a social educational finance and relationship company that is dedicated to addressing common financial and relationship related problems.

Phil wholeheartedly believes that every problem has a solution, that every relationship can be prosperous, and that it is the duty of businesses, such as FinLit Dating, to inspire the change and to talk about things that are often thought to be a taboo topic.

Over the last year, Phil has been leading his team to grow an audience, to inspire healthier relationships, and to grow the various platforms to be the link that people need to solve common relationship and financial related topics. The success of FinLit Dating and Phil’s mission can be seen in the online community that has been built. The people involved in FinLit Dating and the community are nothing short of phenomenal, from financial coaches and relationship coaches to couples seeking healthier relationships with each other to people of many backgrounds coming together for a common cause. FinLit Dating has had a rippling effect on financial independence and relationship communities globally.