About FinLit Dating Inc.

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FinLit Dating Inc. is a financial literacy company focused on bridging the gap between financial behavior and communication. Our company helps people boost their confidence and take a jump towards openly discussing finances within their own relationships. We are ecstatic to support a community of people who together plan their future with their significant other, or, independently, and analyze several tough topics on finances and relationships.


FinLit is not another online dating platform. We are not an add-on service to existing dating sites. We are defined as a financial literacy educational service company and stick to focusing on the impact of finances and communication in relationships, be it with family, friends, or significant others!


In 2019 we launched our services with a mission to put finances in the forefront of relationships. We believe the key to developing a healthy relationship with finances and people is to become confident with communicating financial goals, fears, ideas, and questions, whether it be with significant others, friends, or family.

FinLit Dating started as a dating app with the idea to partner people who share the same financial interests together. During our incorporation, we pivoted to educational services and evolved to reach more communities with bigger ambitions.

Today, we pride ourselves on being a weekly forum and a financial awareness apparel business to connect young professionals, coaches, and couples together who share a greater purpose with each other.

Our learning topics include:

FI/RECommunity Roles
Prep to InvestLifestyle Boundaries
Debt ReductionInterpersonal Relationships

Phil Engel believes every problem has a solution, and understanding finances is not as hard as it’s made out to be. He believes the duty of businesses like FinLit Dating will be to inspire change and open up important topics that are often considered to be known taboo.

Phil leads his team at FinLit to share common values, inspire healthier relationships, and grow the company to be a healthy link people use to solve relationship and financial related questions. The success of FinLit Dating’s marketing and Phil’s mission can be seen in the discussions hosted by its FIRE-minded users. The people involved in FinLit Dating and the community are phenomenal and we come together to learn about these situations globally.